Whether you are taking on shooting for leisure, target practicing, hunting or just for any other reason, it pays to have the best air rifle that you can use. An efficient air rifle is obviously mandatory if you plan on getting serious about these activities. Air rifles are widely available in different kinds and brands, ranging from the beginner ones to advanced rifles. If you want to take accurate shots then you should consider getting any of these top 5 best air rifles that we have conveniently compiled for your reference.

Choosing the right one

When you do not have enough knowledge about air rifles and how they are supposed to work, you will surely find yourself in complete confusion. Buying rifles are not in any way similar with buying the latest gadgets in town, you need consider several significant factors that will not only help you pick the best gun, but more so, allow you to make use of your money the right way. First thing to consider is of course the accuracy of the gun. This is needed if you want to hit your target even when you are firing from a distance. For beginners, it should also be easy to use and to operate. It will help a lot if you’d do a research first about the different air rifles to determine which type or model will work out the best for you.

Here is a list of the top 5 best air rifles that you can consider when hunting for your first or next gun.

  1. Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

Hunting with airguns has never been this good with the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle on your hands. Packed with 0.177 caliber with an impressive velocity of 1200 feet per second with PBA, this rifle is sure to give you a fair and accurate shot. It also features a noise dampener that is non-removable, making it possible for noise reduction of up to 52%. The high power of this gun is just perfect for pest control and small game hunting if you are up for it. The synthetic stock is all durable which is made to withstand any kind of weather.

  1. 880 Powerline Kit

Are looking for the right air rifle that is perfect for your target practice? If yes, then the 880 Shadow Plus Kit from Daisy is everything you will need as a beginner. This multi-pump pneumatic rifle has been selling like hotcakes since it was first introduced – and for a good reason. Featuring a woodgrained forearm and Montecarlo stock, this is ideal for shooting pellets and BBs.

This kit includes 750 BBs, 500 Daisy pellets, 4x15mm scope with rings and safety glasses, and can shoot BBs at 750 fps; pellets at 715 fps.

  1. Gamo Hornet Air Rifle

Another good rifle that you can use for target shooting and hunting, the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle features 0.177 caliber power with up to 1200 fps velocity with PBA raptor ammunition. If you are planning on an outdoor trip or an outing anytime soon, be sure to pack this rifle along. It features an all-weather and toughly-molded synthetic stock, a single break-barrel cocking system, a second stage adjustable trigger, a manual trigger safety and a fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel.

  1. Winchester Model 1400CS .177 Caliber Break-Barrel Air Rifle with Scope/Bi-Pod/Sling, Mossy Oak

When you want a rifle that you can comfortably use for both shooting targets and hunting, you definitely should consider getting the Winchester model 1400CS. In fact, the features that it offers can actually turn you against other air rifles that you have used before. Starting from the composite stock cladding in Mossy Oak  Break-up Infinity Camo up to its fold-down bipod legs that can be extended up to 13.5”, this rifle is just purely about quality and efficiency. For a trigger pull that’s straighter and also for additional wrist support, a thumbhole grip is also present. Other features of this air rifle include the muzzle-mounted sound suppressor, the web sling, a 3-9 x 32 break-barrel air rifle scope and 1400 fps with alloy pellets.

  1. Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

Finishing the list of the top 5 best air rifles would be the Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle that is ideal for taking small game and for plinking. This gun is great to use for a lot of reasons – it is now priced reasonably and you cannot just ignore the features that it can offer. With 0.177 caliber and a velocity of 1000.00 ft/sec, the kit will include a 4×32 scope and mount.

Safety first

One important thing that you need to remember is that guns and air rifles are intended for adults. In case you are not yet of the right age, adult supervision is a must. Although airguns are used primarily for recreational purposes, among others, you must understand that it is not a toy. Before buying and using one, you must be ready to conform to all laws that are governing the ownership and use of it.