User rating
30 shot capacity
300-round reserve
6-shot bursts in "full-auto" mode
Feel of a real gun
Powered by dual 12 g CO2 capsules (housed in a drop out magazine)
Fairly accurate in single shot mode
Nice weight
If added fore grip, dot and laser sight, the air gun will be a complete package!
Plastic shell
Uses lots of CO2
No butt-stock or way to add a butt-stock.
No adjustable scopes

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Say hello to our little friend – The Umarex Steel Storm machine BB pistol follows a similar design to the Uzi, a widely used weapon in the popular American crime movie, Scarface.

The Tactical BB gun comes with a 300 round reserve and has 30 shot capacity. With semi-automatic and automatic modes, it can shoot single and 6-shot bursts with ease. Imitating the Umarex Uzi in design and sharing similarities with the Heckler & Koch MP7A1; the air pistol offers some serious looks. The professional design with high-quality material consisting of a polymer shell and internal metal parts gives the feel of a semi-automatic machine gun.


Before we dive into the umarex steel storm review, let’s take a quick look at the specifications.

Caliber: .177
Shot Capacity: 300
Velocity: 430 Feet per Second (FPS)
Scopeable: Weaver mounts
Action: 6 round Semi-automatic bursts and Full-automatic
Powerplant: CO2 gas
Body type: Submachine gun
Weight: 2.7 lbs
Length: 15 inches
Rear Sights: Fixed
Front Sights: Post
Ammo: BB

Appearance and Design

Talking about the design takes us back to the days of mafia wars where you’d witness people in sharp suits spray bullets across the platform. The Umarex Steel Storm Air Pistol has a slightly different intended use and slightly different design too.

The Umarex Steel Storm shares similarities to the UZI, and the H&K MP7A1 which is used in popular video games such as Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor. This description almost gives you a rough idea what you can expect to get in the box. The air gun is made in Japan and even though it’s not a direct replica of a firearm, the inspiration is evident, and beautifully incorporated.

dual-co2-umarex-steel-stormThe gun works on dual 12g CO2 capsules, and the CO2 is housed in a drop out magazine which are held in a removable pistol-grip magazine for easy access. The magazine has no other purpose and is valved so that it can be removed and reinserted without any loss of gas pressure.

bb-loading-port-steel-stormThe external shell is made out of polymer with a complete black finish, and has a very solid feel to it. It measures around 4.6 x 30 mm, and with metal inner frame, metal trigger, metal CO2 magazine, and weighs 2.8 pounds. The barrel of steel storm is 7.5 inches, metal, and non-rifled with a metal muzzle.


Capable of rapid fire, the BB gun uses a spring loaded magazine to feed BBs, and the trigger mechanism chambers the BBs to cock the hammer. The Umarex Steel Storm Co2 gun is pretty fast in the burst shot mode, faster than most firearms.

muzzleThe gun features the conventional half-design where plastic halves are screwed together around the working parts. This gives a rather solid and rattle free feel which is due to the 14 screw fastening system. The muzzle is metal though which is good news because that last thing you want is for the plastic muzzle to fly off while you’re in the middle of shooting.

tactical-umarex-steel-stormWith the lack of forearm grip and substituted Picatinny rails on top and bot tom, the gun might feel a bit odd for rifle handlers. But add a grip on the bottom rail and a scope or laser sight (preferred) on the top, and it becomes the ultimate air gun.

Operating the Umarex Steel Stormumarex-steel-storm-operating-parts

Easy to use, the Umarex Steel Storm Air Pistol uses blowback action, drawing its power from two tiny CO2 cylinders and must be cocked by a charging handle. No batteries are needed in its operation but CO2 exhausts quickly and the cylinder needs to be replaced often.

Here’s how to use the gun:

  1. Fill in BBs in the magazine and shake it a little to spread them evenly.
  2. Secure the magazine into the slot
  3. Cock the gun using the charging handle
  4. Turn off the safety, and pull the trigger.

Now you are ready to shoot 200-300 rounds in 30 round groups

The air gun doesn’t have a lockout, so you would be wasting CO2, firing blanks when the BBs are gone. Just follow Ammunition Discipline, as is the case with most automatic weapons to minimize the wastage.

A few tips to make sure the gun performs in adversities:

  • Verify that the gun will cycle properly
  • Check if it is able to shoot with one CO2 cartridge punctured


shooting-umarex-steel-stormWith a claimed 300-round capacity, and the power to feed a 30-round spring-follower (or a ready-mag) for shooting, the gun will spray the target, without any chance of escape. It features dual CO2 cartridge which is a pretty sick way to shoot out bb’s at amazing speeds.

The blowback action of the gun offers more substantial kick than recoil of a camera, but it means more power.

When sighting in a shot from 30 ft. distance (which is the maximum effective range of CO2 powered BB guns), the gun turns out to be fairly accurate. Add a laser sight to improve accuracy. The impressive feature of this gun is that it shoots more bb’s per second than any other CO2 powered air gun.

Although it is not suitable for close-range varminting as the grip isn’t stable enough and the aiming arm won’t stretch too far. Also, many miss the stock a bit too much. But the gun works great for plinking and recreational shooting. Also, the steel storm is a serious CO2 guzzler and you will notice the velocity decrease after shooting the fourth round.


Shooting for accuracy means holding the gun with both hands, as far as possible! It is a known fact that subs are not target guns, but people do it anyway because it’s fun. Testing with three different BBs, the results are as shown in the table below:

Type of pellets Distance Semi-auto (Single-shot) Full-auto (6 shots)
Daisy zinc-plated BBs 15 foot satisfactory wide group
Crosman Copperheads 15 foot satisfactory closer than Daisy
RWS BBs 15 foot Unsatisfactory (left alignment) wider than the above two

The gun is also tested in full-auto mode, and shoots very fast, this gives an edge over other such air-guns in terms of accuracy.


If you have been looking around for such a gun on various online stores, you must be aware of its cost effectiveness. When framed blatantly into a sentence, the Umarex Steel Storm Air Pistol costs half the price as the Drozd blackbird, a worthy competitor of this gun. Priced around $130 range, the gun leaves enough cash in your pocket to buy all the mods, scopes and grab handles. Another option is buying a refurbished gun, but there is a 50-50 chance of a refurbished item causing issues with operation. A great gun at half the price of any comparable product!

Although made from plastic material, the gun has a sturdy construction with substantial weight. The design and functionality is great at such a price tag. We wish there were a provision to have the BBs in the pull out magazine; the gravity feed hopper is good too and with an added laser sight and grip, the gun is a performer.

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