User rating
Pros: Powerful and Accurate
Produces very little recoil
Great Design
Cocking aid makes gun easy to cock
Can be used for casual shooting or pest control
Lifetime Warranty
Cons: Heavier and larger than most air pistols
Second stage trigger could be smoother and shorter


The RWS LP8 is a very hefty little air pistol. It’s all metal, German made, high quality construction is evident the moment you pick it up.

The LP8 is a large frame pistol that’s going to be better suited for larger hands. The heaviness of the air pistol means you’ll need to have good upper body and arm strength to hold it steady and achieve consistent accuracy. However, if you’ll be shooting the pistol from a bench then the weight becomes an advantage because it’ll help reduce recoil.


Before we start the RWS LP8 review, let’s get a quick overview on the specifications of this gun.

  • Model: RWS LP8
  • Pellet velocity: Up to 700 FPS (alloy pellets)
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Length: 18”
  • Barrel Length: 7”
  • Power plant: Spring Pneumatic
  • Cocking Mechanism: Break Barrel
  • Trigger Pull: 3.31 lbs
  • Caliber: .177
  • Barrel: Synthetic
  • Capacity: Single shot
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Sights: Front and Rear Fiber Optic

Appearance and Design

lp8-rear-sightsThe pistol ships with front and rear fiber optic sights and the rear sight is fully adjustable. The sights really help you to get good target acquisition and accuracy.

The LP8 also comes equipped with an integrated 11mm dovetail so you can mount on the scope of your choice. A positive feature I believe this gun has is the textured finish really helps the scope mount remain secure on the rail.

lp8-review-safetyThe gun features a 2 stage adjustable trigger with an ambidextrous grip meaning you can operate it either left or right handed.

The grips are constructed with finger grooves with a modest palm swell. The automatic safety is also ambidextrous. Most air guns don’t feature an ambidextrous safety so I thought that was kind of neat.

umarex-lp8-air-pistol-sightsThe 7 inch long barrel and muzzle brake give the air pistol greater cocking leverage.

How to Operate the Gun


Cocking aid supplied with your purchase of the gun.

Before operating the RWS LP8 magnum air pistol it’s a smart idea to read over the manual. Here’s a quick overview on what you need to get this gun firing:

  1. Use the cocking aid, attach it to the front of the barrel and pull down. When you do this it will automatically engage the safety.
  2. While the barrel is secure, load the pellet, and close the barrel.
  3. Aim the gun at your intended target, release the safety, and pull the trigger.

To protect your eyes remember to wear safety glasses intended for use over normal optical reading/vision glasses.

Performance and Accuracy

The RWS LP8 is advertised to shoot up to a velocity of 700 FPS when using alloy pellets and 560 FPS for lead pellets.

In my testing the gun topped out at about 520 FPS with the RWS 7 grain hobby pellets. These are the pellets recommended in the manual because of their “superb accuracy and dimensional uniformity”.

However, although the RWS hobby pellets are a good all-around pellet, I found that the H&N finale match pellets at 7.56 grain provided a little better accuracy and consistency. They generated a velocity of 501 FPS and energy of 4.21 foot pounds. To measure the accuracy and power of this gun all the groups were shot at a 10 yard distance with a rest.

Achieving consistency with this air pistol is going to take a little work. Hold, trigger control, and follow through are all important factors.

In terms of recoil creating scope creep this gun had no issues unlike most other break-barrel air pistols.


Finally getting to shoot the LP8 after waiting a week for it to arrive was certainly worth the wait.

The only minor flaw I could find with this pistol after playing and testing with it for a while was the 2nd stage trigger could have been smoother and shorter. The rest of the pistol completely impressed me. It is pure German engineering perfection, cocks really nicely, and is consistently accurate and predicable.

The price point is higher than similarly marketed products but with this gun you really do get what you pay for. The refinement and attention to detail only adds to the fact that this is one of the best break-barrel air pistols out there.

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