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Pros: Beautiful craftsmanship and design gives gun an appealing look
Great accuracy with open sights
Phenomenal gun for close range hunting
Easy to maintain compared to other PCP airguns
Cons: Loud muzzle report requires you to wear ear protection
Rifle is on the heavier side

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Talk about a beautiful air gun! The Hatsan Galatian was a head-turner when it was introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show. The Hatsan Galatian comes in two models: black synthetic and walnut and satin.



Before we dive into the hatsan galatian review here is a quick overview of the specifications:

  • Model: Hatsan Galatian
  • Pellet velocity: 1100 fps
  • Weight: 9.1 lbs
  • Length: 42.3”
  • Power plant: Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Caliber: 0.22
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Action: Sidelever
  • Capacity: 14 shot
  • Trigger pull: 3.8 lbs
  • Scopeable: Weaver and 11mm dovetails
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Color: Walnut/Black

Appearance and Design

hatsan-galatian-stockThe stock is ambidextrous, fully adjustable for pole and cheek piece height, stores a second magazine, and is equipped with sling mounts.

hatsan galatian open sightsThe rifle ships with front and rear fiber optic sights with the rear sight module attached to the weaver rail for easy mounting and un-mounting. In our testing, the open sights were very easy to shoot and delivered great accuracy.

hatsan-galatian-magazineThe Hatsan Galatian 22 caliber comes with two 14 shot magazines which matches the number of usable shots you’re going to get in the field.

hatsan-galatian-powerplantThe Hatsan Galatian is powered by a 250 CC removable air cylinder that takes up to 200 bar. The beauty of this system is that the valve is in the cylinder, if a leak ever develops you only ever need to service the cylinder and not the whole gun. If you have extra cylinders then you’ll be good to go.

hatsan-galatian-side-leverThe galatian is cycled by working the lever on the right side of the gun. This action advances the magazine, loads the pellet, and engages the automatic safety that’s located in the trigger guard.

hatsan-galatian-triggerThe trigger is a version of the Hatsan’s Quattro trigger and has a very crisp second stage that breaks at around three pounds eight ounces.

How to Operate the Hatsan Galatian

The Hatsan Galatian is a PCP airgun that is powered by high pressure air stored in the onward cylinder under the barrel. This is filled to 200 bar via a scuba tank or hand pump. Once filled, you can proceed with loading and firing the galatian.

  1. To load and fire the galatian you first need to load up one of the fourteen round magazines. Once loaded, you can insert the full magazine into the loading area and lock it into place. Closing the cocking arm is going to load the first pellet into the breach and the rifle is ready to fire.
  2. At a 113.5 DB, the Hatsan Galatian is very loud and I would high recommend using earmuffs if you’re shooting indoors.
  3. To fire the gun you’re going to aim it at the intended target, release the safety, and gently squeeze the trigger. To fire again all you need to do is cycle the arm, release the safety, and pull the trigger.

You will be able to get a total of 14 shots before you need to change magazines.

The shooting cycle of the Galatian is very gentle. The position of the automatic safety is extremely user-friendly and achieving repeatable accuracy is never a problem with this gun: it’s very easy to shoot well.

Performance and Accuracy

We found the JSB 15.89 grain pellets worked best for accuracy.

We found the JSB 15.89 grain pellets worked best for accuracy.

The Hatsan Galatian posts at a max of 1100 FPS in the 22 caliber model. During our testing, the gun definitely hit that mark and then some with standard 14 grain pellets.

If you’re aiming to get the most accuracy out of this gun, I found the 15.89 grain JSP to work very well. They averaged 1055.2 FPS across a full 14 round magazine. That comes in at 39.34 FPE at the muzzle.

I decided to test accuracy with open sites at 25 yards. I have to say my eyes tended to play tricks on me at that range but I still managed to pull off some great groups for shooting with open sights at that distance.

I found this gun to be very powerful and accurate within short distances using just the open sights, so I would definitely recommend it for close range hunting.


Let’s take a look at our final summary of the Hatsan Galatian:

While there are plenty of airguns that can reach out and touch 75 to 100 yards, the close range brush gun type hunting you can do with the Galatian is simply phenomenal.

The open sites are so well done that you may end up hesitating to put a scope on it as it may ruin the aesthetic profile. The large capacity magazine with matching shot count adds to the reason why you should try out this great small game hunting air gun.

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