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Pros: Lightweight and easy to handle Skeleton stock allows easy handling, similar to a thumb-hole stock or AR rifle grip. This rifle is comfortable to use in all aspects, which provides faster muzzle against fast targets. When shooting, the combination of noise dampening and overall design yields a quiet and quick shot without any disruption, making it great for hunting Insane power of around 1200 fps Comes with a decent enough single-piece mount scope
Cons: Trigger needs some work as it is a hard pull and can affect accuracy but is adjustable with mods. The scope may prove to be troublesome to fit during the initial steps of appliance.

Gamo Silent Cat

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Gamo Silent Cat is great high-powered air rifle which, suited for hunting and controlling the pest. The velocity is quite impressive that achieves 1,000 feet per second using 0.177 caliber match-grade lead bullets, or fires at 1,200 feet per second using PBA ammo. This adult air gun is equipped with a deluxe recoil pad made from ventilated rubber to protect you from recoils. Twin cheek pads makes a comfortable aiming while shooting. It has a manual trigger safety and an automatic cocking safety system to make you feel more safe while using the gun. This Silent Cat Gamo has a non-removable noise dampener which reduces the sound up to 52%. On the upper side of the gun you can mount the 4×32 rifle scope.

Silent Cat product details


  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Weight: 5.28 lbs
  • Length: 46.0’’
  • Barrel Length: 18 in
  • Trigger Pull: 3.79 lbs
  • Cocking effort:30 lbs
  • Spring piston break barrel air rifle


  • Butt Plate: Ventilated rubber pad for recoil absorption
  • Stock: Tough all-weather synthetic stock
  • Cheek-piece: Twin cheek pads (comfortable for ambidextrous shooting)


  • Scope Ramp: Raised Rail
  • Scope: 4×32 air rifle scope with 1 pc mount


  • Non-removable noise dampener (with up to 52% reduction)Silent Cat noise dampner
  • Velocity: 1200 fps with PBA, 1000 fps with Lead
  • Single Shot
  • Trigger: Second Stage adjustable
  • Manual Trigger safety
  • Break Barrel: Single Cocking System, Spring piston
  • Barrel: Fluted, Polymer Jacketed Rifled Steel
  • Automatic Cocking Safety system
  • manual safety
  • Cocking Effort: 30 lbs

Gamo Silent Cat is a powerful adult air gun, suitable for small game hunting and pest control. It is equipped with a deluxe recoil pad and has a base for mounting its 4×32 air rifle scope. Fires at speed up to 1,200 feet per second with PBA ammo and 1,000 feet per second with 0.177 caliber lead pellet. Silent Cat Gamo featuring an automatic cocking safety system with a cocking effort of 30 lbs. A ventilated rubber pad on the butt plate absorbs recoil for smooth shooting. The stock is made of durable all-weather synthetic that you can take single shot air rifle out in any kind of weather. The non-removable noise dampener reduces the noise by up to 52%.

Gamo Silent Cat Product Features

Gamo Silent Cat

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Silent Cat has spring piston with 30 lbs cocking effort. It is quite powerful that fires at speed up to 1,000 feet per second with match-grade lead pellets, or it fires at 1,200 feet per second with PBA ammunition. It shoot well the rabbits, rats, squirells and birds though from long range. that is why Silent Cat is recommended for hunting and pest control.

Tough Stock
Silent Cat has tough all-weather synthetic stock that you can take out in any kind of weather. It is also light that makes this rifle easier to handle and to carry in whatever wood you are.

Noise Dampener
The rifle has non-removable noise dampener that can reduce it sound up to 52%. It is the most quiet air gun of its’ class, without a noise dampener it must sound like caliber 0.22.

Silent Cat is equipped with a deluxe recoil pad made from ventilated rubber to protect you from recoils. It has also smooth twin cheek pads that makes you feel comfortable when aiming the target. All these features along with 4×32 scope will help you aiming the target nicely and shoot accurately.

Durable performance
Silent Cat has a 18 in length bull barrel made from fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel that enable you to shoot continuously several times without having worry to be jammed.

Silent Cat Product Review

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