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Pros: Fun to shoot
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Cons: Rough trigger and second stage makes bench shooting hard
Bundled scope could be better
Accuracy starts to suffer past 10 yards

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The crosman nitro venom .22 caliber has been a major curiosity and one of the most widely requested products that we here at have gotten an opportunity to review. The Crosman Nitro Venom is a mashup of a classic design and some modern upgrades.


Before we dive into the Crosman Nitro Venom Review let’s take a quick look at the specifications of this gun:

  • Model: Nitro Venom
  • Pellet velocity: Up to 800 FPS
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Length: 44.5”
  • Power plant: Nitro Gas Piston
  • Mechanism: Break Barrel
  • Caliber: .22
  • Barrel: Rifled Steel
  • Capacity: Single shot
  • Stock: Hardwood
  • Safety: Manual
  • Sights: None

Appearance and Design

crosman-nitro-venom-stockCrosman is going back to a classic hardwood stock that supports raised cheek-pieces on both sides of the stock. This makes the venom friendly to both right and left-handed shooters. They have also added some nice checkering along the grip and forearm, adding to the more traditional look and feel .

ScopeThe venom is not equipped with any open sights so Crosman has included a center point 3x9x32 scope with every purchase. The scope does not have an adjustable parallax which makes it tough to get a clear sight picture at 10 yards with anything over 3x magnification. However, this does get better as your target moves further out. One of the modern upgrades by Crosman you’ll notice in the venom is the use of a weaver rail rather than an 11 millimeter dovetail which I felt was a major improvement from previous air rifle models.

The most noticeable modern upgrade with the Nitro Venom is right in the name. The venom has Crosman’s nitro piston logo engraved under the hood and this gives the rifle an advantage over traditional spring guns in that it cocks smooth, shoots smoother, has less recoil, and produces less overall noise.

crosman-venom-triggerThe rifle uses Crosman’s standard two-stage adjustable trigger. While adjustable for the second stage polling, the adjustment is negligible leaving you with a very long and very rough trigger pull. This is one of the downsides because it can affect shooting accuracy. The manual safety is located in front of the trigger for easy access.


How to Operate the Gun

Here’s how to shoot the gun:
1. Check to make sure your safety is engaged, cock the barrel and load your pellet.
2. Close the barrel, and point the gun at the intended target
3. Disengage the safety and gently squeeze the trigger.

As with all piston driven guns your technique will be critical. Proper use of the artillery hold is essential for achieving any level of accuracy with the rifle.

Performance and Accuracy


Nitro Piston vs Coiled Spring Break Barrel Mechanisms

When it comes to this gun, it produces some of the most consistent results that you can get with any piston driven break barrel rifle.

The venom uses a traditional break-barrel format like many other rifles, but there’s a bit of magic under the hood. Compared with other rifles the Venom utilizes Crosman’s nitro piston technology versus a traditional metal spring.

The purpose of the nitro piston spring is to give the gun a smoother cocking stroke and shooting cycle. The other benefit is it produces much less noise because you don’t get the usual twang or buzz as you would with a traditional spring.

Additionally, due to the nitro piston technology this gun will be less weather sensitive, last longer, and can be left cocked for long periods of time without damaging the mechanism – a pretty handy feature when hunting if you ask me.

Because there are fewer components moving around during the shooting cycle the Nitro Piston is a good fit for many spring guns that are normally plagued by a lot of vibration and heavy recoil.

What is the best pellet to use for this rifle?

The testing process we put the gun through revealed the most consistent and accurate pellets suited for this rifle.
The RWS hobby 11.9 grain pellets were capable of shooting at a high of 725 FPS, a low of 718 FPS, an average of 721 FPS, extreme spread of 7 FPS, standard deviation of 1 FPS, and at an average energy of 13.74 foot pounds. Although the hobbies will give you great velocity their accuracy presents a downside.

The Crosman Premier 14.3 grain pellets were capable of shooting at a high of 681 FPS, a low of 662 FPS, an average of 671 FPS, extreme spread of 19 FPS, standard deviation of 7 FPS, and at an average energy of 14.33 foot pounds. These pellets may seem like the best option to go with since they are made by the same brand but the crosman premier 14.3 grain pellets fell short of our expectations.

Out all the pellets we tested, the JSB Diabolo exact jumbo 15.8 grain pellets produced the best overall results. They produced a high of 633 FPS, a low of 628 FPS, an average of 630 FPS, extreme spread of 5 FPS, standard deviation of 1 FPS, and an average energy of 14.05 foot pounds (FPE). The JSB Diabolo’s might not have been the fastest pellets, but consistency is the key to accuracy and these pellets are certainly the best choice in our opinion.


Overall, the Crosman Nitro Venom makes for a fun shooting rifle that you can use for anything from backyard plinking to small pest hunting. It has grown to become a veteran air rifle over the years and makes our pellet gun reviews list as one of the top choices!

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