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Pros: The crosman m4-177 has its fair share of pros.
With its appealing design it adds to the fantastic look and feel of the gun. You have choice of ammunition, as its capable of shooting both BBs and Pellets.
The multi pump pneumatic firing mechanism allows for variable power and enables you to adjust the velocity by increasing or decreasing the number of pumps.
The gun is also very durable and highly customizable. With added sight attachments this gun is very accurate. Topped off with affordable pricing you can't go wrong with the crosman m4-177
Cons: Although this gun has more ups to it then it does downs, it still has its inherent flaws.
Firstly, the factory sights aren't really that great and most likely need upgrading. The gun is also mostly made of plastic.
Moreover, some users have reported the need for an additional magazine clip.

Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177)

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Not much has changed in the land of multi pump pneumatics that is, until now. Crosman has given its 760 pump master rifle a major facelift and we now have the crosman m4-177. Based on a tried and true design the m4-177 packs in loads of fun.

In this crosman m4-177 review we’ll explore and analyze the guns key features including design, functionality, durability, accuracy, and performance.


Before we dive into the review here is a quick overview of the specifications:

  • Model Number: M4-177
  • Pellet Velocity: 600 FPS
  • BB velocity: 625 FPS
  • Weight: 3.56 lbs
  • Length: 34 in
  • Power plant: Multi pump pneumatic
  • Mechanism: Bolt action
  • Caliber: .177
  • Ammunition: BBs/Pellets
  • Barrel: Rifled steel
  • Optics rail: Picatinny Style
  • Safety: Crossbolt
  • Color: Black


With its instantly recognizable modern military styling and beefed up frame, the crosman m4-177 is sure to appeal to just about any air gunner out there.

The m4-177 is designed to be the air rifle equivalent of the m-16 rifle. Although it uses a lot of plastic, it does contain a rifled steel barrel.

rear-stock-air-rifleThe rear stock of this gun can be adjusted which makes it suitable for air gunners of all sizes.

crosman-m4177The flat top receiver is equipped with weaver rail that will accept any number of accessories and also the removable rear sight.

crosman-m4177-frontThe front side of the gun has two rails; the top rail is for the front sight, the bottom rail unfortunately is unusable because when you pump the gun there’s just not enough clearance.

crosman-m4177-pumpThe forearm of the gun is the pump for the m4-177; you can pump up to 10 pumps into the gun for maximum velocity.

crosman-m4177-sightsThe sights are removable and attached to the top rails. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and has two aperture sizes. The front sight is adjustable for elevation by using a small tool hidden inside the magazine.

Despite some of its shortcomings, the crosman m4-177 is quite impressive and is great fun for both beginner and advanced shooters.

How to Operate the Gun

The m4-177 has similar functionality to many of other crosman multi pump pneumatics. It can shoot either BBs or pellets, and the gun must be cocked and pumped before it can be fired.

You need at least 3 pumps for the gun to work properly, and if you’re looking to increase velocity you can pump up to 10 times.  The pump is located on the forearm of the gun.


BB loading port for the BB reservoir

The gun contains a BB reservoir that can hold up to 350 BBs and a magazine that holds 18 shots. 

The gun also comes equipped with a five shot pellet magazine. If you choose to use pellets, you’ll need to use the included five shot magazine, load in the pellets, and insert it into the side of the gun.  You’ll hear a positive click that’ll let you know when you’re properly indexed.

When switching between firing BBs and pellets you’re going to need to make sure you empty the BBs from the magazine back into the reservoir or you’ll be shooting a bb behind the pellet.

Here are the steps to firing the gun safely.
  1. Switch on the safety
  2. Pump the rifle to the desired number of times
  3. Cock the bolt and return it
  4. Aim the gun to target, set the safety to fire, and pull the trigger



Crosman .177 Hollow Point Pellets

As mentioned earlier, the crosman m4-177 shoots both BBs and pellets. BBs will go faster and reach higher velocities but are much less accurate and deliver less energy on target. With an average BB that weighs 5.1 grains you are likely to reach a median velocity of 630 fps, an extreme spread of 13, standard deviation of 5, and an average energy of 4.58 foot pounds.

We found the crosman .177 7.9 grain premier hollow point pellets work best with this gun. You can pick up a 500 pack at for around 6 bucks, which equates to savings of around 50%

Overall the crosman m4-177 delivers on its performance expectations and even exceeds its marketing claims.


One of the main accuracy flaws you may encounter with this gun is with the rear sights. Although the factory sights are satisfactory, some have had issues with the rear sight staying on target as it had a sixteenth of an inch lateral movement.

In order to resolve this issue we found that it’s a good idea to customize the gun and add some attachments. We found that the walther PS 22 sight and leapers utg red light attachments went really well with the gun.

Overall the gun is reported to be very accurate and when equipped with sight attachments you’ll easily be able to hit the target on point.


Overall the Crosman M4-177 is a great multi pump pneumatic gun for air gunners of all experience level and makes for great fun all year long. It’s best used for target shooting and pest control purposes. 

If you prefer the adaptability of the AR platform then you’ll surely love the M4-177. With its appealing design, variable power, and precision accuracy this crosman multi pump pneumatic is one of our highly recommended guns!

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Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle

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