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Pros: Hunting Power: ideal for Varmint hunting, pest control, small game hunting
Easy Cocking with just 28 Lbs. of cocking effort requirement
Mild recoil is a relief
Super silent with a quiet report
Sturdy build quality, elegant finish
Ambidextrous operation
Re-engineered trigger which is 2-stage adjustable
Magnum harvest power
Cons: Long Break in Period
Accepts all pellets but performance isn’t satisfactory with all of them
Top edge of stock is sharp and needs to be chambered

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Varmint hunting, pest control, small game hunting or target shooting – The Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle is apt for all shooting games. It is launched in three variants; the Benjamin Trail NP2 Hardwood (.22), Benjamin Trail NP2 Synthetic (.22), Benjamin Trail NP2 Realtree® (.22) and a .177 version, the Benjamin Trail NP2 Synthetic (.177).

Getting hands on is easy with the all new Nitro Piston™ 2 system, upgraded powerplant and enhanced Clean Break Trigger (CBT™).The initial impression of the air rifle was faster with enhanced shooting range; this air rifle offers lesser vibration, recoil and needs less cocking force too. The rifle stays ahead with its strong muzzle velocity, good accuracy and the warranty makes it a keeper. The pioneer of Nitro Piston 2 technology, the Trail NP2 is likely to please experienced shooters and has gathered some great reviews too.


Before we dig deeper into the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP2 Review let’s take a look at the specifications.

Model: Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2
Pellet velocity: 900 fps (With lead pellets)
Weight: 9.00 lbs
Power plant: Nitro Piston 2
Mechanism: Break Barrel
Caliber: .177 and .22
Barrel: Fluted Polymer Jacketed Steel with Whisper Fusion Technology
Capacity: Single shotLoudness: 2/5
Stock: Hardwood, Black Synthetic, and Camo Synthetic.
Mounting Rail: Weaver/picatinny
Loudness: 2/5

Appearance and Design

My reaction at first look of the Benjamin Trail NP2 air rifle was, “Oh, it’s longer than the Remington 700!” The rifle is available now in wood stock, black synthetic, and camouflage synthetic stock.

The first rollout of the .22-caliber rifle in a wood stock is an instant hit, and the two more versions in black synthetic stock and Realtree camo synthetic stock are also favorites amongst air gun enthusiasts. Incorporating the latest Nitro Piston™ 2 system, upgraded powerplant and enhanced Clean Break Trigger (CBT™), the gun is a winner in terms of accuracy.

benjamin-trail-np2-stockDesigned and manufactured in the U.S.A., the rifle features a beautifully crafted stock which offers very comfortable cheek weld. As accuracy and consistency depends on this feature, it is a great relief. Along with the aggressive thumbhole design, the pistol is comfortable to hold and the rubber buttpad improves the consistency of the hold. Carrying is easy too, with the provision of sling swivel studs. Just add any desired sling to the Trail NP2 rifle and carry it to your hunting expeditions or shooting range.

benjamin-trail-nitro-piston-2-trigger-gaurdThe gun features a convenient manual lever type safety, located inside the trigger guard.

scope-benjamin-trail-np2The gun is made in a lightweight built and comes with a bundled scope. The Benjamin Trail NP2 features a Weaver scope base and a long barrel with shroud baffles, which is made of plastic.

pistol-grip-nitro-piston-2-crosmanDesigned aggressively, the pistol grip doesn’t only provide comfort; it offers a serious look to the rifle which is polarizing. The build quality of the gun is impressive and the stock molding feels sturdy too. The overall Hunter’s finish (a colloquial term for Satin black finish among shooting fanatics) is great and adds to the appearance of the Rifle.

How to Operate the Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Rifle

Talking about the operation of the Rifle is a joy, as the gun was a breeze to handle. With the lesser 28 Lbs. cocking effort (as claimed by the manufacturers), the effort needed is very nominal and consistent too. Some might find the 28 Lbs. claim falsifying, but the fact is that every gas piston system feels hard to cock. But that doesn’t mean it is hard to cock. The cocking effort is consistent throughout and becomes like an easy, involuntary reflex in a while.

The trigger however, is a bit on heavier side which raises a few eyebrows among shooters. But the actual experience is an average effort and the trigger breaks clean with accurate shots. The Clean Break Trigger (CBT™) has a big blade that offers a good grip and comfort for the fingers while the easy to reach safety makes the complete shooting experience an enjoyable and comfortable one.


parts-operating-benjamin-np2Here’s how to operate the gun:

  1. Locate and engage the safety marked by an “S” in the front of the trigger
  2. Point the rifle in safe direction and tap the muzzle end of the barrel to expose the breech
  3. Once the rifle is in a cocked position, load the forward-facing pellet into the breech.
  4. Move the barrel back to its original position until you hear a lock sound
  5. Disengage the safety by pulling it into the “off position.
  6. Aim the gun at your intended target and pull the trigger.



Schematic diagram of Crosman’s Nitro Piston 2 System

First, let’s discuss the benefits of the Nitro Piston™ 2 technology over a metal spring:

  • Smoother cocking with just 28 Lbs. cocking effort
  • Smoother shooting and higher accuracy
  • Spring torque is absent
  • The spring doesn’t fatigue, even if the rifle is left cocked for hours
  • Cold weather is no problem for the rifle
  • Longevity: Lasts longer than a metal spring

The Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle gives excellent consistency with each shot in terms of muzzle velocity, which is consistent in a wide range of pellets too. The new trigger mechanism feels good, although the variation of 15 ounces in test results raises a few brows among the professionals.

The enhanced Clean Break Trigger (CBT™) will need a bit of adjustment but the accuracy is astonishing after a few hundred shots. It is quiet, with almost all pellets (very light lead free pellets, the potential sound barrier breakers, are an exception). The noise makers here are the pellets though, not the Rifle. It also features a built-in silencer to muffle the sound further, and protects the muzzle too. The performance depends on the shooter too; use the loose Artillery hold for best results.



A group from accuracy testing the NP2

The air rifle offers the best accuracy with Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets, manufactured by the same company as the rifle. This might not be a surprise but the performance of premium quality JSB Exact pellets was pretty disappointing. A few more shots using different pellets suggested that we stick to the recommended pellets by Benjamin.

The test fires suggested that the pellets, that are good with the Trail NP2, are least tended to display vertical stringing while other less effective pellets tend to break into subgroups. So, the final verdict regarding accuracy is here, “The gun is accurate as hell, just remember to pick the right kind of projectile you are shooting with it.”


Conveniently priced around $250, the Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle falls in the price tag of similar rifles from Gamo, Umarex, Hatsan and others ranging +/- %20 difference from each. The rifle is good for money, but some users find the fact annoying that it comes with a bundled scope, increasing the price. The Rifle is value for money and judging by the performance, no one will hesitate paying a bit extra for the scope they are most likely going to replace.

The two things everyone who ever shot a fire from the Trail NP2 rifle agrees upon are:

It is definitely quiet
And it is accurate, consistent

The rifle offers a maximum of 1400 fps muzzle velocity with maximum muzzle energy of 21 ft/lbs. as per the manufacturer’s claim. These figures are consistent with the test results as vary by up to 7% on all aspects, which is more than good. The trigger breaks clean, yes. But many would disagree and that is subjective, as most people get lighter replacement triggers.

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