What is an Air Rifle?

how-mount-an-air-rifle-scopeBefore we know how to mount an air rifle scope, we must first know what an air rifle is in the first place. Like any type of air gun, a typical air rifle is powered by compressed air and when you pull the trigger, you will hit anything with a heart that is powerful; it can put a hole in an ordinary piece of paper.

On most occasions, an air rifle is made to fire pellets by using compressed air. How does this work? Simple. Once you pull the trigger, compressed air will be released, pushing the pellet inside with a strong force that you wouldn’t even see how fast the pellet went out. On other occasions, professional air rifle owners use gas in instead of compressed air. Although it’s more dangerous than compressed air, using compressed gas in air rifle adds more force when the trigger is pulled.

Although some may use air guns such as air rifles to scare people, air rifles are typically owned and even collected by hobbyists and professional athletes. In fact, there are gun shooting competitions being held worldwide, especially in the Olympics. And instead of real guns and real bullets, competitors are using licensed air rifles and the pellets are usually provided by the organizers to avoid any unnecessary incidents when the pellets are fired.

These air rifles are being tested thoroughly before allowing to be used in professional or amateur competitions. Another use of air rifles is hunting. Some hunters use air rifles because it’s quieter than the real guns and it’s less toxic because you won’t need any gunpowder.

There are many issues surrounding the legality of the presence and usage of air rifles. Why? Most air rifles actually look similar to the real rifles such as the deadly sniper rifle. In fact, some criminals would occasionally use air guns to in crimes because it’s easier to buy air rifles without the problems of getting permits and other paper works related to owning a real gun.

While there is lesser restriction when buying an air gun, let’s say in the United States, most countries in the world have separate laws both for owning real guns and air guns. In some cases, not anybody can buy a typical air gun in hobby shops due to age limitation and some stores would conduct background checks to a customer before allowing them to buy the gun. For owning an air rifle, some store owners would even require the buyer to present a police clearance before buying a gun.

Mounting a Scope: How to do it? 

air-rifle-scope-mountingBefore you can mount a scope onto your air rifle, you must first select the best scope available in the market today. Selecting the best and most suitable scope for your rifle will enhance your overall performance in using the rifle. You have to remember that not all scopes are suitable to be mounted onto any type of air rifle.

Also, you have to consider the length and weight of your rifle and the weight and length of the scope itself. This is important because mounting a heavier scope into a lightweight air rifle will sacrifice the lightness of the gun, which in turn will affect the gun’s firing power.

The next thing you need to look when mounting a scope is the height of the two rings which will be the stands of the scope once it’s mounted onto the gun. Ideally, there are two types of rings: the high and medium rings. While both are suitable for any air rifles, it still depends on your gun itself.

Also, check if the diameter of the rings will fit the scope and will properly lock the scope into the gun. Remember that whenever you pull the trigger, the force is strong and if the scope is not properly locked, it might fly away and even cause injuries if it hit you or anyone around you. And, take into consideration of your sight while using the scope onto the gun.

Make sure that your eyes are comfortable and relaxed when using it. Make sure that the scope is also comfortable to use when you are using the gun while standing or down on the ground. Making sure that the scope and the air rifle are working together to perfection ensures that you are going to hit your target with ease.

Owning and buy an air rifle or any air gun for that matter requires both discipline and skills. Mounting the right scope that will perfectly fit into your gun requires more research. You will just have to be careful when choosing the right scope for your air rifle.