You cannot just buy a gun and begin firing; you lose the meaning. Holding a gun and shooting at the target within a short time are two different things. There are many complex procedures required when holding a gun. All these are found in shooting training academies and military bases. We have compiled various techniques derived from the two institutions to offer help.

Reach Out to All Control Knobs

Remember a gun is a security measure. Any little second wasted gives your enemy an advantage to shoot and overpower you. You should be able to hold a gun such that you reach the safety knob and the release knob automatically without looking at their positions and without interchanging hands. Get a gun, which fits well in your hand, at times you may have naturally short hands, train to change your hands to reach out to the knobs faster.

Firing Hand Method

This method involves using one hand to handle all gun shootings. This has its own merits and demerits. It can only be used for pistols and small guns, which are portable and light in weight, they are also good at aiming and firing at close range without much preparation. Within a half of a second, you have powered back the gun ready for shooting. In addition, it is ideal for military wars and personal security. Its demerits include: it works well for people with a moderate length of hands, short and long people might miss out the lever lock and the release magazine, also you are not able to test the efficiency of the pistol before firing and lastly, lefthanders have a challenge in handling the levers with one hand.

Power Stroke Method

This method uses one hand as well but the difference is in the positioning of the hand to the levers. This method appreciates different body structures especially length of hands. It is placed such that you do not have to entirely use the hand but you can run it remotely by pressing the lock lever against a hard surface. Left handed and right handed individuals can safely use it, however, it has many risks, of accidentally pressing the cock and releasing without any intentions, it is also prone to failure to return to power positions, imagine this when you are in the middle of a battlefield.

Which Method Works Best?

There is no universal method for holding a gun; there are many factors to keep in mind when handling a gun:

  • The type of gun
  • Comfort
  • Your length of hands
  • Are you left-handed or right-handed?

When you have all these in mind you will make the best decision to hold a gun. Manually, use every method and choose which one you feel you are comfortable reaching to all the controls within a short time them make the right decision. Gun holding is a controversial topic and experts have different opinions on what is best, practice all the methods with the different type of guns. Gun holding method is an individual decision.


Different Techniques in Holding A Gun
Article Name
Different Techniques in Holding A Gun
You cannot just buy a gun and begin firing; you lose the meaning. Holding a gun and shooting at the target within a short time are two different things.