Daisy is an air gun entity that’s been around since 1886. Then till now, generations have trusted and continue to use Daisy. The company takes pride in providing air guns with superb value, quality, and innovation. It all started in a two-story factory in Michigan, where the first ever model of BB gun – Markham Chicago – was successfully launched in the market.

In 1912, Markham founder decided to leave Plymouth and sell the company to 2 Daisy executives. They named the company King Manufacturing Company. In 1931, Daisy acquired and became the official owner of King Manufacturing.

Daisy is committed to assisting any church, non-profit agency, and other groups that establish shooting education programs. The company offers discounted education kits which include ammunitions, air guns, firing range plans, target backstops, and training instructions. The company has been offering this curriculum since 1948.

Top Daisy Air Guns

Below are the top Daisy Air Guns, especially if you are in the lookout for pellet gun reviews.

Daisy Outdoor 37.6-Inch Rifle

Daisy 880 Rifle is offered with a classic woodgrained design, forearm, a Monte Carlo stock, grip, and a rifled barrel made out of stainless steel. This 0.177-caliber air gun can be filled up with pellets or BBs, using a multi-pump pneumatic action. When using pellets, it can shoot at 665 feet/second velocity. For BBs, it can go up to 800 feet/second. The crossbolt trigger block effectively keeps the user safe at all costs. The package includes an easy to use air gun kit, no wonder it is one of Daisy’s most famous rifles.

Daisy Hunting Air Pistol

One of the latest power line models of Daisy is the 415 Pistol, a semi-automatic, carbon dioxide-powered BB shooter. To use, you simply need to load 15 BBs into its magazine, attach the CO2 cartridge, and you’re done. This air gun works best for individuals wanting to learn the basics of gripping and shooting of firearms. It has a smooth steel barrel, blade and ramp front, and open rear sights. The 415 pistol shoots as 500 feet per second velocity maximum. It is powered by CO2 and comes in semi-automatic type. Daisy limits use of this pistol for ages 16 and up, given that there’s adult supervision.

Daisy Outdoor Red Ryder BB Gun

Another smooth bore steel barrel entry from Daisy is the 1938 model Red Ryder BB Gun. It is a spring-air action and lever-cocking gun. The wood stock is stained and solid, complete with adjustable rear sight and blade and ramp front. The velocity shoots at 300 feet per second and shot capacity clocks are maximum of 650. User reviews liked this item for being low-cost, efficient, and having excellent after sales service.

Daisy Outdoor Brown/ Black Pump Gun

As the name states, this air gun is of pump action type equipped with spring air action. It holds a .177-caliber ammo and shoots a maximum velocity of 350 feet/second. The forearm and pistol grip is made from stained solid wood and has an open rear sight that can be adjusted for elevation and windage. To keep users safe, Daisy has incorporated this air gun with trigger block mechanism. It shoots at up to 195 yards of distances. Overall length is 37 inches. Based on customer reviews, this is by far the best rifle ever built, it works great after long time of use, and acts as a great present for little and big boys alike.

Daisy Outdoor Camo 35 Rifle

Another multi-pump action pneumatic air gun on our list is the Camo 35 rifle. Regardless if you prefer pellets or BBs, its ammo can hold both. Like the fourth entry, it is graded .177 caliber with steel smooth bore barrel. It comes in stylish camouflage exterior and holds up to 50 shots. It blasts a maximum of 625 feet per second velocity.
At the stock lies molding and checkering, while forearm boasts Mossy Oak Infinity camo. Adjustable rear sights and blade and ramp also attached. According to user reviews, the Camo 35 Rifle is a great gun, especially for beginners. They also liked the camouflage design, its accuracy, good power, and how it feels nicely to the hand.

Air guns are meant for extreme fun, enjoyment, and bonding with friends and family. This is mainly why more and more people are purchasing one for themselves or as a gift to friends or children. If you’re buying one, keep in mind that with air guns, you always get what you pay for. Especially if it is a Daisy, you are sure to be getting your money’s worth. Features of the best air guns depend mainly on how you intend to use it so before making a final decision, keep a list of the features you want, search online for air guns that best fit your needs, and compare and contrast items that meet your allotted budget.