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How to Mount an Air Rifle Scope

What is an Air Rifle? Before we know how to mount an air rifle scope, we must first know what an air rifle is in the first place. Like any type of air gun, a typical air rifle is powered by compressed air and when you pull

Best Air Guns from Daisy

Daisy is an air gun entity that’s been around since 1886. Then till now, generations have trusted and continue to use Daisy. The company takes pride in providing air guns with superb value, quality, and innovation. It all started in a two-story factory in Michigan, where the

What is Barrel Droop and How to Compensate for it

Barrel droop is when the barrel of your rifle is not perfectly aligned with the action of your gun. Barrel droop is a condition that affects scope mounting in a major way. You might think that a rifles barrel points straight out from the gun it’s mounted

Air Gun Laws by State

Various states and localities have different laws regarding air guns commonly known as pellet guns. The federal government does not have any laws regulating air guns. An air pistol or an air rifle is considered to be a non-powder gun. There are many states that do not

Air Gun Safety Rules Every Shooter Should Follow

Air guns can be very dangerous if they’re not handled correctly. In this guide we will be laying out 6 air gun safety rules that are easy to remember and should be practiced every time you pick up an air gun. 1. Only aim at your intended

Different Techniques in Holding A Gun

You cannot just buy a gun and begin firing; you lose the meaning. Holding a gun and shooting at the target within a short time are two different things. There are many complex procedures required when holding a gun. All these are found in shooting training academies

How to Scout the Best Pellet Guns for Hunting

Pellet guns are perfect when you are looking for a new and interesting way to ease your boredom. Whether it’s just for small hunting games, target shooting or perhaps you want to test your shooting skills against someone, this gun will prove to be a better option

Air Gun Fun Games: What to Do With Your Air Gun

So, you just had your first air gun and you are excited to try different activities to make it more worth it. In case you don’t know, there are many different activities and even games that you can try, along with your friends and family. If you

What You Need To Know About Gun Cases

You need to have gun cases that will protect your weapons, and you need to make sure that you have picked something that works for your personal needs. Everyone who wants to store their guns needs to be sure that they have figured out which cases will

Top 5 Best Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo Air Rifles has become a top choice for most hunters and shooters because of its sturdy design and powerful impact which gives them the satisfaction and ultimate experience. If you are looking for a Gamo Air Rifle to buy, we have laid out five best Gamo