Like other valuables, you need to take proper care of your air gun or air rifle to make it last long and stay in excellent working condition. The good news is, a pistol or rifle can deliver the best shooting performance if cleaned and lubricated regularly. Failure to do this can lead to dysfunction, inaccuracy, wearing, or worse total breakdown. Not only that, you can potentially hurt yourself or others when gun damaged due to improper maintenance and lubrication.

It may seem complicated, but keeping your best air gun or best pellet rifle looking new is actually a walk in the park. You just have to know the basic parts and the dos and don’ts for each so as not to unintentionally ruin or damage them. Below are the basics of air gun or air rifle care.

Compression Chamber

CompressionChamber This is the part of your weapon where air compression actually takes place. This comes in action when you’re shooting and the piston is moving forward. Today’s modern guns are made of self-lubricating synthetic materials. For this reason, re-lubrication should only be done during scheduled maintenance by an authorized professional.

Piston air guns such as those that has recoilless spring does not need much lubrication. So, remember, over lubing is unnecessary. Use lubricating agents sparingly following product instructions.


These act as the main storage for energy produced by air gun cocking. Mainsprings should expand PelletGunZone.mainsprings smoothly with minimal vibration and friction, so they should be lubricated infrequently. The mainspring is enclosed in a spring cylinder, a container that houses the mainspring, the piston, as well as the guide shaft. Usually, metal mainsprings develop some cant, so it is important that you have them lubricated and polished on the entire surface. This is to maximize the performance of your piston.

Want to increase your air gun/rifle’s velocity? All you need is an easy but careful treatment. Simply add a Bee Metal2Metal Paste using a cotton bud through the length of the entire receiver. You can also have the stock removed.

Recoilless guns’ mainsprings should be lubricated only with infrequent and light application of lubing paste. However, this is a critical task so do not do this by yourself. Take your air gun/rifle to a professional so you can be sure that your toy is serviced appropriately.

Application of metal paste has other great benefits. Aside from lubrication, it keeps the air gun/rifle parts dry and smooth, giving it a nice finish and appeal. In this process, the air gun maintenance specialist disassembles and burnishes the metal paste onto the inside walls of the cylinder and clean mainspring.

Barrel Pivot Points

umarex-octane-break-barrel These should be lubricated using light polarizing oil. But just like metal pastes, it should not be applied generously. The specialist should also make sure that they apply the oil while the pivot points away from the breech seal and air vent.

Cocking Lever Linkages

Coking linkages normally receives fair amount of pressure, so they, too, should be lubricated to ensure minimum wear and smooth operation.

Trigger Mechanisms

trigger-mechanismAir gun trigger, regardless of the type and kind, should be checked up and serviced only by authorized air gun specialists.


Here, cleaning for rust prevention is not really necessary. However, if you want smoother performance and superb accuracy, you will need to get your bore cleaned following a routine schedule  The bore also needs lubricating, in which you must use only air-gun exclusive products. Accuracy is decreased when grease residues get in the compression chamber. And even though they seem like they are clean, chances are, not really. Before storing your air gun, make sure that you clean the bore and then lightly apply a coating of a lubricating oil. Once clean, wipe lightly with dry patches so no traces of oil will be visible.

Outer Surfaces

The entire surface should be wiped regularly using a silicone cloth. This helps maintain the air gun’s finish quality. Prior to storage, all guns should receive a good wiping using a light polarizing oil.


Using top quality pellets is crucial, most importantly because it helps you avoid wrecking air blow-by, harmful oils, as well as abrasive objects. Adult air guns should contain only pellets or lead shots. Avoid using darts or steel shots – they will ruin your air gun, especially if it has a rifled bore. Pellets, if properly seated, must not show rub marks on the skirt’s rear part if breech is open and ready for firing. Used, unauthorized, or damaged pellets could be unsafe, so make sure you stay away from those. Bullets with plastic jackets may result to harmful rebounds, deep penetration, and excessive impact.

Simply put, it always pays to follow manufacturer and professional instructions as far as air guns/rifles are concerned. Treat them with care and it will do the rest for you.