If you own an airgun and you consider it as one of your greatest possessions, you naturally want nothing but the best of accessories and air gun pellets for it. Whether you plan to use your rifle for plinking, hunting or competition shooting, you ought to have good quality pellets to go with it. There are several types and brands of pellets that you can find in the market nowadays and if you do not have the slightest idea on how to choose the right one, you might end up with something that is not suitable for your rifle. With a suitable round of ammunition along with your favorite rifle, you should be out and about enjoying this activity.

Umarex Air Gun Pellets

When it comes to world-class products in the airgun industry, Umarex sure knows its game. It is one of the leading brands that manufacture sport shooting products such as air rifles and adult airguns, air soft guns, pellet and BB pistols, and may others. These products can be purchased from your local firearm dealer, as well as at many retail stores that they have in different locations. You can also find a list of online airgun dealers that sell Umarex products.

If you are particularly looking for theUmarex air gun pellets, there are quite several that will surely match your preference. If you need further information, here is a list of our top 5 of the best of Umarex air gun pellets and their basic product descriptions.

  1. Umarex RWS Superdome 2317378 Field Line 8.3 Grain Air Gun Pellets, 0.177 Caliber, Silver

If you intend to use the air gun pellets for target practice or small games, the Umarex RWS Superdome pellet will be more than sufficient for that. It features a design that ideal for maximizing impact since it has rifled skirt and rounded head. The best pellet gun only deserves the best pellets and so this product will surely be among the top contenders. These weighted pellets will help you maintain accuracy while keeping an excellent distance. The tin contains 500 counts of pellets with an excellent knock-down power.

  1. Umarex Meisterkugeln Pellets, .177, Competition 8.2g /500

For airgun owners who are more into general target shooting and sighting-in, the Umarex Meisterkugeln Pellets should make you stop searching further. Its match-grade accuracy is impressive, not to mention its high-performance finish. The Meisterkugeln Pellets features enhancement in quality with its newest material compositions.  You will also appreciate its shiny and bright appearance.

  1. Umarex RWS Superpoint Extra 2317384 Field Line Air Gun Pellets, 0.22 Caliber, Silver

This 250-count tin contains pellets of conical head design for your 0.22 caliber air gun. The RWS Superpoint Extra is perfect for mid-range air guns in terms of enhancing performance and also allows for deep penetration. These pellets are consistently accurate and of high quality, featuring a sharp point and a lightweight design. The sharp point also contributes greatly on the pellets’ high velocity flight.

  1. Umarex RWS Hyper Velocity 2137509 200 Rounds Air Gun Pellets, 0.177 Caliber, Orange

These lead-free pellets are ideal to use for all medium-powered air rifles as it can produce ultra-high velocities. You will also notice that the pellets are covered of a plastic sabot for a snug barrel fit. This fit allows for accuracy and optimum velocity as you fire your weapon. Because they are lead-free, no lead particles are being produced in the air and air rifle barrel. Your fingers are also free from any lead residue.

  1. Umarex RWS Diablo 2317389 Basic Line 7.0 Grain Air Gun Pellets, 0.177 Caliber, Green

If you are the type of shopper who is always prioritizing affordability and quality at all times, the Umarex RWS Diablo 2317389 Basic Line 7.0 Grain Air Gun Pellets should make the cut for you. For less than $7, you can have 500-count of RWS basic line pellets in classic Diablo shapes. These pellets are German lead-free which should be ideal for informal practicing or for a nice plinking round.

How to choose the right air gun pellets

Every air gun is unique and so are you as the owner. That is why you need to be more careful when choosing which pellets to buy. There are some that would work for other gun owners yet won’t be as powerful as you expect it to be when you are already using it. Your desired result should mainly decide when it comes to the kind of pellet that you need to purchase.

Some of the factors that you will need to consider are:

  • Airgun pellet weight
  • Accuracy
  • Velocity
  • Your preferred shooting activities
  • Penetrating power
  • Accuracy at longer distances

It helps to try different pellet shapes and types first so you can figure it out for yourself – as every shooting experience is different and it can get you different results each time. As you get to try different types, you will surely find one or two that will match your desired result and even your budget as a buyer.